Monday, August 16, 2010

Golfer's Cake

This is one of the few cakes that I thoroughly enjoy making.  This cake brought back memories of my early golfing days with hubby.  Hubby spent endless weekends try to get me interested in golf even though I am hopeless at sports.  Eventually he gave up coz' chasing a ball under the hot sun wasn't my cup of tea.

I can never forget my most embarrass moment on the golf course.  Being a first timer on the golf course, I was thrilled.  Thought I could finally joining the golfing club.  But my dream shattered when I miss the ball at tee-off.  And that was last straw since then I did not play any golf anymore.

Back to this cake, this is a cake requested by my friend for her ardent golfer hubby.  Instead of the usual golf bag and clubs, I though a landscape of golf course would be a good change.

This is an orange poppy seed cake covered with buttercream.

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The Caked Crusader said...

Love the grass - such a clever technique!