Thursday, October 18, 2007

Glorious Food in Hanoi

Recently, Cind & I went to Hanoi, Vietnam to visit our friend, Trix. Although it was just a short trip - 3 days & 2 nights (wish it was longer), but we managed to cover great length and had such a wonderful time together. Trix is really a remarkable friend and host. She even offered Cind & I her huge bed, besides taking time off to show us around.

One of the activities that we did a lot was eat....eat....and....eat. Each time before we partake in our food, Cind will surely take a picture of the food. I am glad she did. Looking at these pictures now brings back sweet memories of our Hanoi trip.

We had our first dinner in Hanoi at the hotel where Trix work and stay. She ordered 3 dishes, a fish dish (in claypot on stove), a meat dish and a fried rice. The food was so good (or we were so hungry) that we polish every single bits and pieces from the plate....and claypot, too.

On the second night after returning from Halong Bay, Trix bought both of us belated birthday dinner (Cind & I celebrated our birthday the month before) in this Italian Restaurant. The pork ribs were excellent and again we finished all the food............how not to put on weight.

On our last day in Hanoi, we had Chicken Pho for breakfast. It only cost each of us RM3 inclusive of noodle, drink and 'yau char kuey'. The food was so good that we forgot to take picture until we were half way through and this was what's left.

After breakfast, we gallivant around (and also in) the wet market. Look at the enormous size dried prawns and the varieties.................

Then we stop for some Vietnamese coffee. These coffees were so 'kow' that you could almost eat them like pudding (not true I'm just kidding). It really gave us a good KICK start to our next agenda.......shopping and sight seeing (what else).

Continue.......shopping and sight seeing......

Then it was lunch (more food). We went to this popular hawker centre. It was so packed that we had to wait for almost 30 minutes for a table. But the waiting was worth while..........see the glorious food that we had. No words needed to describe the food as each picture speaks a thousand words......

Overall, it was a FANTASTIC trip...............glorious food, fabulous scenery (Halong Bay), exciting and eventful journey (I am sure Cind can vouch for it..........) and great company.

And Trix........thank you so much for making this a memorable trip for us.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha .. was laughing at your comment that the coffee was so "kow" that you can eat it as pudding.

My reply : you can have my share !

I concur that the trip was short and sweet ... leaving one wanting more ....