Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dark knight (18SX)


Last week was our friend, Lauren's birthday.  We, her lunch buddies decided to give her a surprise lunch and a little fun.  We got together and planned a movie followed by lunch in a Japanese restaurant.  The movie is non other than the Dark Night Rises that is showing on the cinema circuit.

Wanting it to be a memorable surprise for her since she was hitting her BIG 30, we decided to give her a Man-in-waiting cake.  Well of course not any man will do.  It has to be one with the 4Ps - Power, Position, Physic and Popularity.  We decided on Dark Knight, a follow-up from the movie.

As I have been using my cake caddy lately, it did not cross my mind that I need to be more discreet when transporting this cake around in my transparent cake caddy.  It only dawn on me when the cake appear so provocatively from the outside of my cake caddy.  I had to cover the sides of cake caddy with paper.  And this was a good move as Lauren didn't notice the cake until it was presented to her.

Her eyes almost popped-out when she saw the cake.  But we could tell that she secretly like it and was caught peeping beneath the yellow cover (wink). 

Happy Birthday Lauren.  Hope you had a great time with us.  And thanks for sharing your man (I echo what Shereen said) 


Agnes CF Lee said...

very creative..I will peep under the yellow blanket also..hahaaa

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this cake is cute and sexy!