Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Cake Demo @ Cilantro

 When Dave of Frigglive informed me that there will be a wedding cake decoration demonstration in Cilantro Culinary Academy on 3rd April 2010, I was thrilled. I have been decorating cakes for awhile now but lack the courage to attempt wedding cakes. I need to booze my confidence and hopefully by seeing how it is done will help.

Cilantro Culinary Academy is culinary school providing professional skills and vocational training in Culinary Arts at Foundation, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. Housed in a 4 storey shop lots, this culinary school is located at USJ Sentral in Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Ms. Suzy Teh, the Marketing Executive was already there to meet us when Veron from Frigglive and I arrive. The wedding cake decoration demonstration was scheduled for 4.00pm. Since it was still early, Suzy gave us a short tour of their kitchens. The kitchens were impressive with well equipped facilities and gadgets, besides looking sparking clean. She even introduced us to some cute looking chefs.

When we got to the cake decoration demo kitchen, the session had already started. The chef was working on covering the last tier of the wedding cake with fondant. The wedding cake consists of 3 tiers measuring 18, 14 and 10 inches respectively.

After covering the cake with fondant, she proceeded to colour a small portion of royal icing with green and another portion with pink. The royal icing was made by stirring egg white with icing sugar. She also demonstrated to the audience how to fold a triangle paper into a piping bag before filling them with royal icing.

Once she started piping on the cake, there was no turning back. She just went on and on from one motif to another. Her piping skill was excellent and her work is so tidy and neat. The 3 cakes were decorated with frills, flowers, leaves and etc in no time.

Within an hour, she completed the decoration of all the 3 cakes. Then she cleverly stacked the cakes up with wine glasses. This make the wedding cake looked so elegant.

She puts on the final touch with store bought flowers made from gum paste.

I had a great time and managed to pick up some pointers from this demo. Besides that, we were given a goodie bag each with discount vouchers and also a piece of Cilantro’s signature Sesame Cake. The Sesame Cake tasted yummy.

Cilantro Culinary Academy is located at:-
No, 1-1, Jalan USJ Sentral3
USJ Sentral
47600 Subang Jaya
Tel. +603-8023 0555

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