Friday, November 27, 2009

World of Pokemon

School is finally over for the year. The last few days of school saw many parents with kids attending pre-school busy preparing goodies and stuff for their children to share with their school friends.

Same goes for my friend, Marianne whose son was attending final year of pre-school. By the way for those of you who are like me attending 1 year of pre-school was already a bonus, children these days attend up to 3 years of pre-school. It is either the parents are too busy to coach them at home or they are afraid that their children might lose out with the high standard demanded by parents themselves.

Marianne wanted some cupcakes for her son to share with his friends in school before the final term comes to an end. She requested for Pokemon. What are Pokemons?

Since Sydney, my daughter wasn't a great fan of Pokemon during her growing up years I had very little knowledge on what these little monsters are and what they look like. This is what I found from the Internet.

"Pokemon are fictional creatures in another universe that are captured (using a Pokeball of some sort) and raised by humans to battle and protect them. Each Pokemon has a different ability and type (Dark, Electric, Psychic,Water, etc.) and there are over 400 species (Raichu, Jirachi, Charizard, Mew, etc.). Some people use Pokemon to battle while others care for them as pets. A person who uses Pokemon to battle is often referred to as a Pokemon trainer, as Pokemon are creatures which can also grow (in levels), evolve (change form to become stronger) and develop in skills (which transfers to their types of attack).
Many things have come from the creation of Pokemon - including a trading card game, an anime television series and many video games. These have all been very successful and have made Pokemon popular all over the world.
The original idea for the Pokemon game came from a young man (Satoshi Tajiri) who wanted to invent a game that involved trading insects - as was his hobby.

With these details and the websites provided by Marianne, I made these Pokemon cupcakes for her son.

This is the only pokemon I know; Pikachu.

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