Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog Template

Finally, the 3 columns template that I so desired for my blog is now up and running. I would like to record my thanks to Tracie of Bitter Sweet Flavour who has graciously help by guiding, downloading and sending the XML file to me.

However upon receiving the file, I was still unable to open it. After much research done on the Internet, I realised that I need to download the XML Marker. I am usually very careful in downloading any files from the Internet due to passed virus attack on my notebook. But this time round in desperation, I downloaded the XML Marker without a second thought. Like a kid with a new toy I was try out all the various templates and finally settle for this one.

Though I manged to install the template that I wanted but there were quite a fair bit of administration required to re-organise and re-link all the links that I had. I was ecstatic when my new blog template went live at 2am this morning.

So Tracie, thanks again for your great help.....muak...muak...muak


tracieMoo said...

you're welcome, Ling. Your blog looks bright and organized :) I'm sure you've spent alot of time on it but it's really worth it right? hehe.. :)

The Caked Crusader said...

loving the new header - the lettering is great!

Ling's Passion said...

Tracie : Thanks. A lot of inspiration came from you. All the sweat and time spent is really worth its every bit.

The Caked Crusader : Hubby decided to chip in after I cried buckets, begged for hours on my knees and rolling unceasingly until he agree to do it. I was joking...ha..ha..ha

Anonymous said...

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