Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dinner in a tiffin

Since the beginning of this year, my work load has increased tremendously due to the change in areas of focus in the centre that I work. With a new boss, realignment is inevitable. However, this comes with a price and the price is longer working hours. Though I look forward to new challenges but there is a compromise on areas of interest. Such as my family, my blog, my baking and cake decorating adventures.

This is the reason for my infrequent update and absenteeism from the blogging world. I guess infrequent update and absenteeism is still not as bad as having to wait till 9pm or 10pm for dinner. My 2 poor family members; Sydney and hubby have been doing just that. They will wait for me each day to reach home before we go out for dinner. Home cooked food on a weekday is a luxury at this moment.

In order to have dinner at an earlier and more regular eating hour, I decided to cater for dinner. The catered dinner consist of 3 dishes. These dishes are packed in a tiffin and hubby will pick up the tiffin from the caterer on his way home. Sydney has been appointed the office cook for rice (meant to call her the rice cooker but sure sounds like a pot) at home.

This is how the food looks like in the tiffin. A little pathetic was hubby's remark.

I sincerely hope my working hours will be back to normal soon so that I can start cooking for my family again.


Agnes C said...

I used to have catered food a couple of years ago while my youngest girl still a baby, we have to pick up our dinner containers and sent the empty one at the same time for the next day dinner on working days, we get bored of the food very quickly. To save time, that's the best way rather than eating out which is known to be very unhealthy. Hope your work schedule be back to normal soon.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Same with my parents, they cater for dinner too and came in a tiffin just like yours. I guess it has good and bad since I heard my mom complaint about the food too.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oops, forgot to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh no!! I never eat my food or dinner from cater..I know what you mean..maybe I'm lucky,I recalled yesteryears my mom will cook for us after she come back from work,most of the time is after 9.00 pm..She said a family without a proper meal,atleast one meal is not a family..I guess it's her old fashion thinking..I always suggest her NOT to cook for us..We can food at hawker stall especially hokkien char!! hehehe! remember when I was back at KL last year? I told her don't cook dinner since the weather is too hot,let's get hokkien char but she said she bought fish and meat already lioa:(
I'm dying for hawker food not home cooking!! hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I also encounter the same problem due to traffic jam and longer hours at work so I catered for half a year. The food is oily and tasteless at times so I tried this method of preparing a decent meal for my family. So I woke up 1 hr earlier, prepared the sauces for fried fish /stir-fry meat etc, wash n cut the vege and boil soup in a rice cooker (with timer). My family will only reheat the meat dish and stir-fry the vege in the evening. It's nice to have homecooked food when u arrive home. Mind u, my hubby doesn't know how to cook. It does take a little planning on the menu but I think it's worth it.

Ling's Passion said...

Agnes C : Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience. Hope my family won't get bored with the food too soon :-)

Little Corner : A little late by anyway belated Happy Mother's Day to you too.

My Asian Kitchen : Your new blog layout is beautiful. Mother knows best when it comes to food...ha..ha..ha

Anonymous : Thanks for your suggestions. But my 2 fellas at home cannot cook at all and my timing is so unpredictable.