Thursday, July 3, 2008

Racing Car (NASCAR)

Most of the time I like to be in the comfort zone doing things that I am comfortable with or confident in. But occasionally I will take up challenges to see how far I could go. Many times I am amazed with the results that I could attained when being challenged. I think the 'daredevil' in me stems from the 'I dare you' statements that my friends and I used to challenge each other with in school. Looking back now, I believe it is these occasional challenges that had help built my character and make me what I am today.

Recently, I took up another challenge. This time is to bake and decorate a racing car cake for my friend's son who is turning 4. Sport cars are his favourite and he could practically draw any sport car that he see with all the intricate details such as spoiler, skirting, fender, bumper and everything that comes with that.

So for his birthday, his dotting mother requested for a chocolate butter cake with buttercream for her darling little boy's birthday party to be celebrated in the kindie.

Enjoy the cake, Justin and Happy Birthday.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Good for you, the cake looks great!

The Caked Crusader said...

Nice artwork! I can never draw cars.
Cake looks lovely and I bet the recipient was thrilled.

Jo said...

Hey Bee Ling, nice Nascar. See, I told you you could do it. Hope to see more deco work from you!

Ling's Passion said...

little corner : Thanks :)

caked crusader : I can't bake like you, so we are even....ha..ha..ha

jo : Thanks for your encouragement.