Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cheers!! Cheers!!

To some people when they are given a free hand to be creative, their creative juice flows abundantly. But this does not happen to me. I am not a creative person and my ideas usually comes for either my day to day encounters or what I have seen in magazines or books. Therefore, though I enjoy decorating cakes but I am limited by my non-creativity. Hopefully like all learning, time can make the difference.

Recently, I received a request for birthday cake for someone who is celebrating his 'thirtish' birthday. I had to ponder a few days to come up with this idea even though not a very creative one.

The reason why I chose blue for this cake is to contrast with the yellow colour of the 'beer'. Guess it wasn't such a good idea after all. The cake is just too 'blue' to be appetising. Therefore, had to tone the blue colour down by adding white stars. BTW, this is the first time that I am experimenting with blue frosting and this is gonna be the LAST. Why? Check out the feedback.

Making this cake made me come to realisation that not only am I not creative but also bad with colours. From now on I shall stick to 'save' colours such as white, yellow,........ can't think of any other colours right now, need to refer to the colour chart.

But I am glad that from this cake I learnt that blue is the wrong colour for cake. I suppose for people like me who is not creative, I have to learn the hard way.........that is only through mistakes.

Feedback : Overall cake is good except for the blue colour frosting.


m said...

hi hi, been checking out your blog for a while and think your work is really quite nice. the piping work is sooo good. agree that blue is not such a great colour but maybe is ok if its lighter? or used for specific reason? eg. like a sky background or... water... anyways. love your blog. very inspiring for me to go and bake something too! = )

Ling's Passion said...

M : Sorry for such late reply. Thanks so much for your comments & suggestions. Will try lighter blue next time...he..he..he