Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life on the fast track with so many activities going on make me lose track of time. Didn't realize that my last post was in November. But all is not lost when you have a camera to capture the moments to cherish.

Last couple of months were the busies time of the year with preparation for Chinese New Year, then followed by some cake requests. This cake is requested by my colleague who has 3 sons celebrating their birthdays at the same time. And boys being boys, it has to be a car cake. This is my second attempt on this car cake and decided to give a little depth by decorating the cake board. I was told, the birthday boys and their little friends were still crowding around the cake after the cake was cut and distributed. The kids were happily licking their fingers dipped with leftover icing from the cake board.

Happy Birthday to Ehsan, Iqbal and Aryshak.

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