Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Traditional Crumpets

As I was going through my collection of cook books over the weekend, I came across one that I bought many years ago from a secondhand book seller in a flea market.  The cook book is by Delia Smith and it was published in 1977.  The name of the book is Delia Smith's Book of Cakes.  Most of the cakes featured in her book are of the English variety.  After going through the cook book, I decided to try out one of her many recipes - Traditional Crumpets.

Crumpets are a type of pancake made from batter using yeast as the rising agent.   They are round in shape and have a distinctive flat top with many small pores and a slightly spongy texture.  The batter is cooked in a round metal crumpet ring on a griddle.  Traditionally, crumpets are eaten with butter.

Since I do not have a griddle or round metal crumpet ring, I decided to cook them in my non-stick pan using egg rings.

I have adapted the recipe by reducing the yeast from 1 tablespoon to 2 teaspoon as I do not like my crumpets to have strong yeast taste.

1 cup warm milk
1/2 cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp dry yeast
1 1/2 cup bread flour
1 tsp salt

1.  Mix milk, water, sugar and yeast and set aside for 10 minutes or until frothy.
2.  Stir in flour and salt and leave to proof for approx. 45 minutes or until double in bulk.
3.  Grease the inner sides of some egg rings and heat up a non-stick pan.
4.  Place egg rings on non-stick pan and reduce heat to medium.
5.  Into each egg ring, scoop 2 tablespoon of batter.
6.  Cook for about 4 to 5 minutes until small bubbles appearing on the top of crumpets start to burst.
7.  Turn the crumpets over and lift off the egg rings and cook for another minute.
8.  Remove and serve immediately.

Note : I serve my crumpets with butter and honey.  Any leftover can be frozen and toasted before serving.


Agnes said...

that's remind me of the crumpets I always bought while I was in England. Long time have not had crumpets already.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Interesting! I never have crumpets before.