Friday, July 24, 2009

Paratha Sausage Rolls

I love to blog hoop and check out what other bloggers are up to. And sometime back I came across this fast and easy to prepare snack. Since then I have been churning batches after batches to feed unexpected guests and little friends.

These paratha sausage rolls are really easy to make. The required ingredients; sausages and ready made frozen paratha can be bought in advance and kept in the freezer until it is time to make them.

To make these rolls, slightly defrost the paratha and cut into quarters. Wrap the sausages with the paratha. Make 2 small slit on paratha to give it a gourmet look. Bake for 30 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180C.

Mmmm......can't think of any other snack that is as fast and easy to prepare. Importantly, tasted yummy too.


Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering if you pre-cook your sausages prior to wrapping in paratha pastry ?
Rgds, Dorie

agnes said...

can't imagine it is so easy to do, now I have to find out where to buy the paratha...

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love this too! You must always have some sausages in your fridge to prepare this for the unexpected guest huh? Hmmm...I think to stock some Paratha in my freezer too.

Ling's Passion said...

Anonymous : Thanks for dropping by. No need to pre-cook the sausages. Just need to defrost them.

Agnes : If you are residing in Malaysia, you can get them from most hypermarket such as Giant and Tesco. I normally buy Kawan brand.

Little Corner : I super very 'kiasu' when it comes to food. Must always have stock in the freezer or I'll go into withdrawal syndrome.....ha...ha..ha

daphne said...

I have seen this before too! It's such a nice snack!

My Asian Kitchen said...

nice cocktail pastry!!

Tricia said...

I have always wanted to make this. The other day when I saw this at a local Asian Market I bought it right away.

So, today after seeing your post I remembered I had a frozen paratha in the freezer. As I am getting ready to make this, I reliazed I forgot to buy sausage!!! Silly me!

I guess, I will make a tuna paratha rolls instead!

Keeping my fingers crossed, it will turn out!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering if did any egg wash on d paratha b4 baking to yield such browning color effect?



Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering do you need to egg wash the paratha b4 baking to get this nice color?



Ling's Passion said...

Tricia : It sure will turn out well.

Anonymous : Egg wash is not required. That's the beauty of using ready made paratha.

Anonymous said...

Ling's Passion,

Hi Ling, wonder can i wrap about 200 pcs ready a night before my party? Do i need to freeze them again or can i just put inside the fridge?


Ling's Passion said...

Hi anonymous, You can pre-wrap the paratha sausage and keep them covered in the fridge.