Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Teddy Bear

I offered to bake a cake for my aunty's grand daughter's birthday way back in September. She was turning 5 in November. However, when the day approaches, I was so busy with 2 other cake requests. Therefore, when aunty offered to bake the cake for me to decorate, I although feeling 'pei seh' but gladly accepted.

Here's the bear cake that aunty baked and I decorated......

This cake is baked using the Wilton Teddy Bear Pan and decorated mainly with chocolate butter cream.

Notice something missing? I did not realise this cake was incomplete until the birthday girl asked me - "Aunty, why got no HAPPY BIRTHDAY and where is my NAME?". Guess I must have been too engrossed in trying to make sure that the deco on the cake looks good. *sigh*...........again incomplete..........forget to take a picture after piping HAPPY BIRTHDAY and NAME of birthday girl.


m said...

heh heh looks so cute. looking forward to more 'projects' on your blog!

Ling's Passion said...

M: Thanks.....will certainly post more of my 'projects' in my blog. Hope you won't be bored by them....ha...ha..ha

chumpman said...

Very good skill, the teddy looks like a plush