Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Simple Birthday Cake

Recently, I received a request for a cake from a teenager for her father's birthday. She wanted a simple design cake that is manly and not too sweet. Thus far other than the cake that I made for my dad, the rest of the cakes were for the female gender. No, I was not being selective in which gender I bake the cake for. I guess the ratio of female to male in Malaysia is much higher these days.......maybe even the world population (I have never been good in geography, this is just my guess....so please don't shoot me down if I'm wrong).

Back to the request.......... I put myself in the teenager's shoe. My dad was my everything when I was a teenager. He was my mentor, my guardian angel, my chauffeur, my ATM machine.............this list can go on and on. In the gist, I see my dad as the STAR of my life.

So here's the STAR cake that I made for this teenager...........

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