Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wilton Course 2 Graduation Cake

I recently completed Wilton Course 2. Besides having a great time, I also get to know friends who share the same interest. Our instructor, Jo has done a great job in coaching us. Most of us who are new to cake deco not only able to pipe decent looking flowers but also presented cake like the ones decorated by pros (including moi of course).
The cake that I baked for graduation class is a chocolate butter cake with buttercream frosting.

I always thought that cake decorating is so difficult until now. Actually all you need is patience and the right technique. So.........if I can do it, so can you.

Some people may asked, with such hectic life style why would I want to exert myself further by attending cake deco classes? I wanted a hobby that I can do even after retirement (not that I am old or anywhere near there). But just feel the need to plan in advance. Heard many stories of people who are in the lost after retiring coz' they did not know what to do. Too much free time (wish I have it now).

The second reason is, I have been baking since I was 14 (since my Home Science days in school) but had never decorated a cake. Thought it is high time that I learn now, like the popular saying, better late than never.....

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chumpman said...

Is this a cake really ? It looks like a porcelain ornament, you are really skilled and talented